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The Sarah Saunders Family Fund

On Thursday, 10th March 2022, Theia’s father, passed away suddenly. Theia is only 8 years old. She has three siblings, Caitlan, Reece, and Eryn, and Mum (Sarah). They live in East Auckland. They are just ordinary Kiwis like you and me. Please help me help Theia and her family.

It is rare in life that one can make something better when tragedy strikes. We can’t bring Daryl back. But if we all work together, we can help this family stay on track.

Daryl was a hard worker. He was the high school sweetheart of Sarah and they were together for 24 years. They raised four lovely children together. He was the best dad ever. What more can I say?

Sarah Saunders works part-time as a youth worker with teenagers at Edgewater College. She is trying to make a difference in her community. She is also in her final year of study to become a trauma counsellor. It is what she was made to do. But she does not have a full “breadwinner” type income right now.

We want Sarah to be able to return to her work and study. We don’t want her to stop working toward the future plans that she had made. That is what Daryl would have wanted.

So that is where you come in.

Would you consider giving to help Sarah and her family through this crisis? Please consider if you could give a regular gift: weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, for up to one year. We want to help support this family for one year until Sarah finishes her degree in counselling.

Want to give?

1. Set up Payments Online

If you wish to set up a bank payment or please visit your bank's website and use the account details below. Please note these instructions are for those within New Zealand.

If you live in New Zealand, use the details below:

Account name: YOUNG LIFE NZ     

Bank: Westpac                

Account number 03-0166-0392091-000

Particulars: DONATION                              

Code: SSaunders

All donations to Young Life New Zealand qualify for the charitable donations tax rebate. Donation receipts will be sent at the end of the financial year, (by 1st of May) unless requested earlier. Thank you again for your support!

Did you know that you can receive up to 33% of a Young Life donation back as a tax credit from Inland Revenue? For more information, please visit

A Few Ways to Give

1. Set up Payments Online

See instructions in the left column on this page.

2. Give-A-Little Page

The give-a-little page has been closed as of end of June 2023.

3. Contact the Young Life office

Please feel free to call the Young Life office and discuss your intended giving with us directly at 09-534-3868 or email (click here).

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