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Edgewater College has 3 youth workers and one Team Leader.

Lucas Eng

Youth Worker

Lucas started in 2022 at Edgewater and is excited to be back for another year at Edgewater. He has now completed his Youth Workers National Certificate, level 3. 

Sarah Saunders

Team Leader and
Youth Worker

Sarah started at Edgewater in 2018. She has a background in youth work and working with foster children. She has completed her Youth Workers National Certificate, level 3. She is also studying to become a Counsellor.

Sarah was born in New Zealand but grew up in the U.K. and moved back to New Zealand in 2016, with her family.

She loves reading and spending time with her family.

Lyall Carter

Management Support

Lyall works behind the scenes to make sure our youth workers are properly trained and equipped to be effective at Edgewater. He is also a youth worker at Howick College.


Lyall is committed to helping students find that extra edge in life that can put them on the road to becoming positive contributing members of society.

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