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Howick College has Lyall Carter 40 hours a week (and he is just getting started). The plan is to see more youth workers working with Lyall in the coming years.

Lyall Carter

School Manager, Team Leader and Youth Worker

Lyall Carter started at Howick College in 2019. He is originally from the South Island, a little town called Port Motueka. Lyall has a background in youth work and is also an avid movie critic (even writes reviews). Lyall is married to Emily Carter, who he will tell you, is the love of his life. And they have a daughter born in 2021.

Lyall is working at Howick to build a larger programme that will have more youth workers in the coming years. In 2019, he piloted a new programme called Blue Edge which has been very successful. He has also completed his Youth Worker Certificate, level 3.

In 2023, Lyall has also just accepted the dual role as CEO of Young Life. This means, among other things, he will be working behind the scenes to make sure our youth workers are properly trained and equipped to be effective at Howick and three other schools in East Auckland.

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New Staff

Youth Worker

Watch this space for news on a new youth worker coming to Howick in 2023!

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