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Fishn' Camp

29th February 2008   5:45PM  

Friday the 29th of Feb-Sunday the 2nd of March 2008
For Year 9-13 blokes.
!Only 30 spots for 30 campers available so register quickly!
Below are all the files that you will need for camp. The easist files to use are the PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat then you may download camp info as a Jpeg (picture) file.The first 2 Jpeg files are the 2 pages of the camp brochure that will give you all the camp info . The last Jpeg file is a seperate registration form that you can use to register with.

Camp rego form only

Print this page and fill it out and return it to us
File Size 16KB   Filename fish_camp_rego_form_web_layout.pdf   Download

Fish Camp info page 1

down load this file for all the camp info
File Size 429KB   Filename fish_camp_info_and_rego_formpic1.jpg   Download

Fish Camp info page 2

down load this file for all the camp info
File Size 480KB   Filename fish_camp_info_and_rego_formpic2.jpg   Download

Fish Camp rego form

This file is just the rego form.Download and print this from and use it to register for camp.
File Size 304KB   Filename fish_camp_rego_form_web_layout.jpg   Download

Full camp info brochure

File Size 1.18MB   Filename fish_camp_info_and_rego_form.pdf   Download